Back Pain treatment reviews in Tamworth

Atlas Pain Relief Centre are back pain specialists with a fast recovery reputation.  See one of our customer treatment reviews

“I was diagnosed with degenerate disc disease in August 2013 after having an MRI Scan. The scan also showed a bulging disc, both of which have been very very painful to the degree that I was bedridden for weeks at a time. I have also suffered from sciatica for the last 8 years. This along with the findings of my scan has made the last 7 months extremely traumatic for me and my family.

I was admitted twice for A&E because I had muscle spasms in my low back, I have been in constant pain for the last 7 months, I had to use a wheelchair, walking was unbearable, standing was too painful.

I have been waiting for the last 7 months for NHS treatment but nothing has happened, I felt forgotten, all they wanted to do was prescribe painkillers.

In January my husband found Atlas on the internet, he rang them and the receptionist was very helpful. I had my consultation and treatment with Cherry, a lovely lady who listened and said she could help. After my first treatment I could walk and stand again without any pain, we could not believe how quick it had worked. After waiting 7 months for nothing from the NHS, after 1 hour with Cherry I could walk properly again. I have since had 6 treatments now and recommended them to friends. I am taking up their maintenance plan and I no longer take pain killers!

They are very professional, they explain everything, you can ask questions and if I should need emergency treatment they will fit me in. We cannot thank Atlas enough for what they have done, I am walking standing and now driving again, it has been a real life changer”

Gillian Taylor – Tamworth

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